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Rosales Painting,112 South Browne-(830)780-4255

112 South Browne
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Rosales Painting, address-112 South Browne,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)780-4255.Type of Services-

Cortez Brothers House Leveling & Foundation Work,729 Overby Road-(830)583-9603

729 Overby Road
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Cortez Brothers House Leveling & Foundation Work, address-729 Overby Road,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-

City Electric CO,600 Cottonwood Street-(830)583-3724

600 Cottonwood Street
Kenedy, Texas 78119

City Electric CO, address-600 Cottonwood Street,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-3724.Type of Serv

Taqueria Vallarta,215 South Sunset Strip Street-(830)583-2600

215 South Sunset Strip Street
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Taqueria Vallarta, address-215 South Sunset Strip Street,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-2600.Typ

Sunset Cafe,117 North Craig Street-(830)583-0071

117 North Craig Street
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Sunset Cafe, address-117 North Craig Street,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-0071.Type of restaura

Subway,102 North Sunset Strip Street-(830)583-3884

102 North Sunset Strip Street
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Subway, address-102 North Sunset Strip Street,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-3884.Type of restau

Rj`s Hamburgers,420 West Main Street-(830)583-2344

420 West Main Street
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Rj`s Hamburgers, address-420 West Main Street,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-2344.Type of restau

Dairy Queen,Highway 181 North-(830)583-3338

Highway 181 North
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Dairy Queen, address-Highway 181 North,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-3338.Type of restaurant-Re

Circle G Bar & Grill,11252 West State Highway 72-(830)583-0087

11252 West State Highway 72
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Circle G Bar & Grill, address-11252 West State Highway 72,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-0087.Ty

Church`s Fried Chicken,110 North Sunset Strip Street-(830)583-9030

110 North Sunset Strip Street
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Church`s Fried Chicken, address-110 North Sunset Strip Street,Kenedy,TX,78119 and phone-(830)583-903

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